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Sustainable waste and collection solutions




In 2014, we started developing eco-friendly and reusable cardboard waste bins for internal use within our then graphics company. The positive response from our customers encouraged us to decide to start producing these waste bins, under the name Afvalbox, on a larger scale at the end of 2015.

Since then, Afvalbox has grown into a leading supplier of sustainable facility solutions for waste separation and collection of residual materials for recycling. Our customer base covers all of Europe and includes large international companies, renowned universities, schools, various healthcare institutions of different sizes, waste processors, government and public institutions. We also serve SMEs, catering companies, gyms and private individuals. The diversity of our customers in our extensive reference list testifies to the wide acceptance and confidence in our products and services.

Circular and sustainable business begins with a waste or collection bin from AFVALBOX.

"Step into the Green Revolution of Waste Management with Cardboard Waste and Collection Bins!

FIRE SAFETY: fire classification according to EN 13501-1, This degree of fire safety is possible because the cardboard is tightly glued in multiple layers and does not contain open cells as with corrugated cardboard and honeycomb cells. Click here for fire safety, click here for flame extinguishing

MATERIAL: the waste and collection bins they are made of kraft liner cardboard a natural product for which trees have been grown and no forests have been cut down. 
SHAPE: square wrapped, multi-layer glued and moulded cardboard, making it extremely strong.

DIMENSIONS: waste bin LxW = 37x37 cm, high 60 cm (75 ltr) - high 80 cm (105 ltr) - high 97 cm (130 ltr) and waste flow sticker, 8x20 cm.
REUSABLE: depending on how they are handled, they have a lifespan of more than 5 years.
RECYCLABLE: 100% recyclable for use in the paper industry.
CO2 FOOTPRINT: production leaves virtually no footprint in contrast to new or recycled plastic or metal waste bins.
STRENGTH: the basic bins are tested for a compressive strength of 400 kg. 
CERTIFICATES: the basic model has the following certifications UN, Rezy, FSC, PAP21, 100% Biobased and the cup collection system the DUBOKEUR.
COATING: the upper surface of the lid has a waterproof, less environmentally harmful coating that can be cleaned.
STICKERS: the glue of the stickers contains no harmful substances for the environment.
CSR: as a partner of CSR (MVO Nederland), we work as much as possible with people with a disadvantage on the labour market. By doing so, we not only market an environmentally friendly but also a socially responsible product.
PERSONALISE: the bins can be personalised/decorated using our eco-friendly stickers or with (DIY) drawings/texts.
EXTRA OPTIONS: look here for our complete product range.. 

MODULAR: the bins can be adapted to any individual method of waste separation or collection. Which also means that the favourable pricing of the bin allows significant savings on facility costs.

OUTDOOR USE: the bins are splashproof and to a limited extent also usable outdoors.

COLOUR: the appearance of the bin gives a natural look in the colour brown of the kraft liner cardboard. Painting or spraying in a trendy colour is possible, but is less environmentally friendly.

FOLDABLE OR COLLAPSIBLE: the bins are not foldable or collapsible due to their sturdy construction.

WASTE BAGS: except when collecting dry goods, always use a rubbish bag. Rubbish bags in various types and sizes are available from various specialised suppliers.

Natural innovation is at the heart of our production. Our products embody sustainability and the circular economy. At every step, from development to final product, we strive to have a positive impact on our planet. Discover our world of sustainable solutions through the eyes of our customers. Get inspired by the photos we have collected.

If you still have questions after this exploration, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to help you.

Would you like to request a quote or order directly? Send your requirements via the contact form.

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